Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Elimination Diet- 30 day Challange

I am lucky to have a good friend who is a nutritionist.  Her name is Deb and this is her website:
She is awesome.  She practices what she preaches, is very knowledgeable and is a kick ass athlete.  I went to her a while back with questions about my multiple digestive issues and she recommended I do the elimination diet for 30 days.  It sounded like a real challenge.  Even though I think I eat fairly healthy, the thought of eliminating sugar, dairy, grains and legumes seemed hard.  I was talking about this with a friend of mine at work and she said it sounded like something she needed to do as well,  So, as of Monday, October 15th, Roxanne and I have begun the elimination diet.
I stocked my fridge Sunday and made a big pan of roasted vegetables.  I cut up broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots and zucchini and tossed them in some olive oil with salt and pepper and roasted them at 400* for about an hour.
After the roasting
Also on Sunday, I ate a bunch of peanut butter, because it is one of my favorite foods ever and to be honest, I have eaten almost the entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting.  I was full for the rest of the day but it was so good I couldn't put it down.  Then I drank some wine and ate some chips and yada yada yada....just stuffing my face with all the things I wouldn't eat for 30 days.  
I weighed myself Monday morning and was 135 lbs.  I'm curious if my weight fluctuates.  However, I have not been running or exercising since the surgery last week so it;s not like I'm burning a ton of calories.
Monday went well although I did feel hungry.  So I got some beef at Whole Foods and toasted some acorn squash, pulled out the insides and stir fried the insides with the ground beef, garlic and kale.  It was pretty good actually and filled me up.  I only used half of the acorn squash so the other half I mixed with a few eggs, coconut flour, and garlic.  I made little pancakes with these and topped them with cucumber salsa.   

These were ok....I should of used less egg.   But I'm finding that I can't eat a ton of beef, chicken and turkey kinda of grosses me out and pork, well, pork is tough because although I love me some bacon, I just think of those cute and smart pigs and well, I just can't eat them.  So, I'm limited to eggs, fish, shellfish and beef for sources of substantial protein.
I went a little crazy the night I made the acorn squash pancakes and tested out my new food processor to shred carrots and apples to make Morning Glory Muffins which are awesome and filling.  
Trying out the food processor, it's incredible

20 mins away from hot muffins
We'll see what tomorrow brings.  This is a real challenge mostly because I don't know how to cook this way and make it taste good and fulfilling.  But I think it will be better with time and I am really interested in seeing this through and see how things manifest in the body.  
Stay tuned for more recipes and updates!

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To Blog or Not to Blog said...

Get the cook book Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan! It's amazing and totally grain, dairy, soy, legume etc free! Every recipe in there if awesome. You'll forget that you miss sugar, peanuts, wheat. etc. I promise!!