Sunday, October 28, 2012

Move over cumin, there's a new sheriff in town!

This stuff, Crofter's Just Fruit Spread is my saving grace this week on the elimination diet.  It's the end of day 14 and it's not getting any easier.  I looked up some recipes in the Almond Flour Cookbook because I was missing the routine of eating desert.  Who doesn't love dessert?  My husband eats 2 rounds of dessert each night and it was getting to be a challenge to find will-power every night during each round.  Generally, I think I have pretty good will-power, but think about it; 2 desserts a night x14 days = 28 sessions of dessert to watch.  It gets tough for me!  So I decided to try to make something out of the Almond Flour Cookbook and I found a recipe for raspberry bars.  The challenge was finding fruit spread that didn't have added sugar, cane juice, etc.  I finally found it and it didn't cost and arm and a leg.  Since I discovered this about a week ago, I have make these raspberry bars 3 times.  Now, I can sit on the couch and have dessert, just like I did before this detox began.  It makes me feel more normal and as though I am not giving something up that I routinely do.

Finished product, pure yum

Tomorrow marks the half way point.  I'm still just as committed however, I did think that this would get easier.  The other night I had 2 different dreams that I cheated.  In one dream, I ate a bag of Lays potato chips, the kind that come in the the yellow bag.  I hardly every eat potato chips.  Especially Lay's.  Then I woke up and went I fell back to sleep, I had a more vivid dream.  I dreamt that I knew I was cheating and although I was hesitant, I was all in, ready to eat forbidden foods.  And of all things, I ate a McDonald's fillet of fish and fries.  Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I stepped into a McDonald's or even considered doing so.  What does that mean?

I've lost another pound, I'm at 133 now.  My stomach is way less bloated and I do feel better. I like the idea of making my own food and generally enjoy it most day, however, spending so much time in the kitchen preparing for 1 meal gets tiring.  However, there are some easy and fast recipes on the Well Fed blog and Elena's Pantry website.

I got some new and amazing knives for the wedding which makes slicing and dicing so much easier and quicker.  However, there has been a price to pay, these suckers are SHARP.
Second thumb wound
Tonight I sliced my left thumb and last week I sliced my right one.  This one is pretty long and deep.  I need to get more savvy with these knives.

I think that if I were really training for something, this would be much much harder.  I'm still exercising about an hour a day but I think if I was training for a 100 miler, I would be going nuts.  But for now, this is great timing and a really great learning experience.

2 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Backofpack said...

Sounds like a challenge for sure! I have been trying to cook whole food for about a year now and I agree about the time in the kitchen. I keep thinking it only works because I am part time! Keep it up - you are doing good...

Deb's Nutrition said...

Great job ALM. I'll have to try the fruit spread!