Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Music=Good Training

This morning I got up after almost 9 hours of sleep, a LUXARY to sleep that long I might add, with the plan to go for what I like to call my 4 mile dog walk loop run. Essentially, it is a 4 mile jaunt with Struth to get him out and get my legs moving. It's all about him on these days, he gets to stop and smell, pee where he wants, take short breaks, etc. It's different from him coming along on my ride which entails a longer harder run with minimal pee breaks for him. I was feeling tired and unmotivated so I just put one task in front of the other and the next thing you know, I have laced up my new Mizuno's, put on my running clothes, iPOD and have Struth leashed up so we are ready to go. The first 5 blocks are what I like to call misery. Oh my aching legs......and I just hope that I get loosened up. Well, after some short stops for Struth and a few more blocks, I start to feel better. The sun is coming up, I have new running shoes on and I had downloaded some new songs on my iPOD. iTunes is great. It's great because there are songs that I used to like to hear on the radio but never bought the CD because there was only like one song that I liked. Now, I can buy all those cheesy songs and download them on my iPOD and reminisce about all those times I sung at the top of my lungs or danced alone on my apartment. So, I'm feeling better and better with each block that goes by and getting into my music. When the time comes to turn left for the 4 mile loop or go straight for the longer loop, "Pump up the Jam" came on my iPOD, please, don't judge, you know you would bounce your feet to this song if you couldn't get your booty on the dance floor. So, all of a sudden, I decide to go straight and got for the long loop. I sure had a bounce in my step. I go through "Pump up that Jam" and then the best rendition of Rod Stewart's "If You Think I'm Sexy" comes on by the Revolting Cocks. This song always make me laugh. Then a few more songs come on, some Salt N Peppa, some Right Said Fred and now I am running really fast, (or so it feels like it, but probably not), and Struth is lagging behind a little bit. I am having a great run even when I hit the uphill slog on 10th. I run up 10th and next thing you know I am cruising down 11th past the Broadway Playfields and across Madison through the Seattle University campus and home again. I made it in record time. When I got into my house, "Pump Up the Jam" had made it's way back into the shuffle and I didn't want to waste the rest of the song so Struth and I shook our booty's, (ok, well, maybe he didn't) until the song was over. Then it was back to reality and I had to get ready for work. What a drag, I was having so much fun. Next time you feel like all your training is same old same old, put some new songs on your iPOD and have yourself a good fast time.