Monday, November 18, 2013

Revelations from Jury Duty and some running stories

Recently I was summoned for jury duty.  My first reaction was...what a drag!  I felt I was too busy at work to be able to give the time.  My supervisor even said she would write a note for me and my supervisor's supervisor said she would write a note for me so I could "get out of it."  My gut was saying, just do it, what's the big deal.  So I went ahead and committed to it.  I'm glad I did.  Even though the jury duty itself was extremely uneventful, the time I spent in the "jury pool" gave me some things to think about.  I was only there for 2 days and I was given a 90 minute lunch each day.  I had to sit in a big room in the 11th floor with huge windows and a good view.  I was able to take one 15 minute break a day.  I brought my book, a few snacks and some water.  I never did get to be on a jury.  What I realized in those 2 days is that I am extremely regimented, overly busy and do not take time each day to relax and take a break from what I am doing.  I don't usually take a lunch at work, instead I eat at my desk and the only break I really take is going for morning coffee with some co-workers.  I workout before work and I rush to catch the bus, (I am very thankful that my husband often drives me to the bus in the morning as it is a mile away and the ride saves me a good 15 minutes).  While on the bus I am usually catching up on emails and such.  Although lately I am trying to read my book on the bus to try and relax.  Once I get home from work I usually have to go to the store to get groceries to cook dinner, eat, walk the dogs, clean up, get my lunch together for the next day and then it is time for bed.  How do people do this with children????? But being on jury duty, I actually had time to relax and read an entire book.  It usually takes me 3-4 weeks to read a book, but I had the luxury to read all day next to a window in a comfortable chair.  During lunch, I had time to eat and space out, run a few errands and do some things that I think about but never feel I have time to do.  I forgot all about work for those 2 days and really enjoyed myself.  Who knew?  I renewed my library card and checked out a book.  Our library here in Seattle is quite cool.
 There is quite a red theme in the library....

The relaxation of jury duty did not last long.  I was back at work the following day, eating lunch at my desk etc.  However, I am reading my book on the bus now.  Since I checked a book out of the library I had to read it faster than usual since I have to return it on time or else...the library police comes after me.

Owen designed the Cougar Mt 20mile/50k shirts and because of that we received a complimentary entry to the race.  We decided to run the 20 miler for something different and also because the following weekend we were signed up for Carkeek 12 hour.  The 20 miler was fun!  I started trail running at Cougar Mt back in 2005 and had done my first trail series there which included my first ever half marathon.  I had heard some people saying that they were going out for another loop as I stood at the finish line panting, bloody and thinking how I just finished my first half marathon, the farthest I had ever run.  I could not believe what i had heard.  So of course I inquired and they told me that they were training for White River 50 miler.  WHAT!  I was flabbergasted.  I was also intrigued.  So I did some research and began my training.....
Having a great time at Cougar, photo credit: Glenn Tachiyama

Owen killin' it at Cougar, photo credit: Glenn Tachiyama
The following weekend Owen and I headed out to Carkeek to run in some loops for 12 hours. Thanks to Matt and Kerri Anne Stebbins and Seven Hills Running, Carkeek was on!  In all honesty, I was sort of looking to use the fitness that I gained for the Bear but did not use.  I hadn't run Carkeek since 2009 and had tied for the course record with 54.03 miles.  I had done a few calculations to figure out how many loops I would have to run in a hour to break the course record and just see how the day would go.  I felt great actually and the 12 hours went by so fast.  I ate croissants and turkey and cheese wraps all day and had really good energy.  That all paid off and I ran 56.73 miles for a new course record and first place and Owen ran his best distance, 53.73 miles for first male!  We were both excited about it and each won a stuffed animal dragon.  What a great prize!  We gave one to friend Eric Purpus who had a very cute daughter who could have fun a huge stuff dragon.
Stuffed dragons!  Great idea!
So what now?  Just some fun running with the dogs in the ever changing weather with the season change.  One of my favorite things in the world is watching the dogs have the time of their lives running on the trails, tongue hanging out with big smiles.  It warms my heart!
Who can resist these faces

Cool fog

My heart melts