Monday, October 22, 2012

Cumin is my new best friend

Week 1 of the elimination is is OVER.  About 3 more to go. Since I've discovered the value of cumin, my meals are tasting better and better.  I pretty much have been putting it in everything.  Thanks to the recent comment on the last post, I've been tuned on to a new website;
Just tonight I made a variation of this recipe:
I couldn't find a good mango so I substituted with a tomato.  I even made the homemade mayo and Owen, who loves mayo, tasted it and thought it was so delicious that he put down his store bought mayo and used the homemade stuff.
My thoughts on this first week of detox are these.  I'm becoming less and less drawn to things I never usually eat or crave.  I have been to the grocery store every day this week and when I walk down aisles that have such food as pretzels, rice pudding, cheese, crackers and chips, I feel drawn to eat these things.  The cheese, crackers and chips are things I would usually eat  so I'm not that surprised that I am drawn to consume them,  But they are not things that I overindulge in, so I'm interested why it is these things I am wanting to inhale.  However, I rarely ever eat pretzels and rice pudding?????  Rice Pudding????  Basically, rice pudding is sugar and dairy.  And although it is delicious I can't remember the last time I actually ate some.  So my cravings are becoming less and less obvious, but they are still there.  I am getting used to spending more time grocery shopping, which I have never enjoyed, and cooking.  It just takes time and money to eat this way but it is worth it.  I feel lighter and cleaner.  I seem to feel satisfied after I finish a meal or snack and don't get hungry like I did the first day or two.  However, when I get hungry, it hits me quick.  This is when I really need to be prepared so I am not tempted to get into the chips and cheese that Owen is keeping for his own consumption in the cupboard.  I am enjoying trying new recipes and I have been baking some "sweet" things that have no sugar.  I am missing my maple syrup though however I am used to not having sugar in my coffee now. I don't know if I will go back to putting sugar in my coffee after this is done.
My weight is pretty much the same, I'm 134 now as compared with 135 last week.  I started exercising again, but an hour a day, if that.  So in terms of my energy level with exercise, I don't have an accurate reading on that one.  However, I do plan to ramp up the exercise a bit these next few weeks.
Overall, this has been a good experience thus far.  It really is a challenge, the "challenge" in 30 DAY CHALLENGE is no joke.  I am really glad that my co-worker decided to do this as well.  I felt like CHEATING so bad this weekend.  My mother-in-law had a birthday and everyone was eating homemade vanilla cake with butter cream frosting, one of my favorites.  They lit some candles and sang happy birthday then cut the cake.  Arg!  I really wanted some with some creamy coffee.  But, I brought some dates and I sat at the table with everyone and ate a few dates with my black coffee.  I thought about my co-worker and just couldn't cheat.  I'd recommend to anyone who is interesting in taking on the challenge to have some support, it has helped me.  Even if my husband is eating all the foods I want to eat right in front of me every day, he always asks me if it's ok to eat this or that in front of me.  I wonder what would happen if I said...NO!  Ha, just kidding, I would not say that!


To Blog or Not to Blog said...

I'm so glad you're liking theclothesmakethegirl recipes!!! Yes, cumin, who knew one could eat so much of it. Her roasted carrot recipe is AMAZING (and I don't like cooked carrots - be sure to cook them until they get a bit crispy) and my #1 staple is the roast carrot recipe but using yams instead of carrots (extra carbs for those of us who work out). This weekend I made her pad thai recipe and it was insanely good!!

You may never go back, I certainly didn't.

Olga King said...

Girlie, thanks for updates! You need to email me when posting news, or link FB:) I am on day 24, and my weight stays same as week 1 (I was 135 when started, 131 at day 5, and that's it, so I guess water weight from not having simple carbs to hold it). People who haven't seen me a while say I lost weight and my face looks skinny and don't believe when I say I didn't. I guess it re-arranged, because my clothes don't feel much different either, but I kind of look a little better)less water and bloating in tummy). I, too, exercise less, and frankly, just in my life right now it is not a priority (some shit hit the fan), so first of, I don't care about energy, and secondly, nice to see I can look ok without exhausting myself at the gym or on roads (TX, ya know...). Cooking is ok, spent 5 hrs on Saturday in the kitchen to prep things up:) and yeah, my hubby is not following, but IS very supportive, seeing that my digestive system works better.

Deb's Nutrition said...

Awesome. Way to hang in there. It will pay off!