Thursday, July 28, 2011

Idle Hands are the Devil's Tool

Training for ultra's keeps someone like me from going crazy.  I cannot sit still and I don't ever realise I am tired until my head hits the pillow.  I always think of things to do when I am relaxing, but in all reality, I find  exercising relaxing.  So I do it a lot.  Of course there are things that I find cathartic, like cleaning, going through drawers and giving stuff away that I don't use, recylcing, etc.  And I do enjoy to sit around to rejuvenate.  However, since I train for ultra's, I am used to a certain lifestyle of exercising a lot and eating a lot.  Now that I am not running Cascade Crest next month, there is no need to do a bunch of running.  In fact, that is exactly what I don't want to do, a bunch of running.  That is what got me out of running currently; running too much.  So what to do. . . . .
Well, that boxing classes keep me busy.  I recently started a 5 AM class.  No, that is NOT a typo, I get up at 4:30 and jog the quarter mile to the class, sweat, get my heart rate completely jacked up, jog home and then get ready for work.  I think even my dog is bewildered by my early rise, but I just love this class and I so I don't mind getting up that early.  Then I am at work early and hence, home earlier than usual.  It's the same schedule, just a few hours earlier.
I thought I might be just totally regretting my decision about CCC100, and at times I do, but in my heart, I know it is the right thing to do.  I figure now is the time to experiment with other activities that I wouldn't ordinarily do just for the experience, as long as it doesn't set the healing process back.  Owen and I were driving out to a BBQ and we a wrong turn.  I was spacing out in the passengers seat and I looked out the window and saw this sign, EMERALD CITY TRAPEZE ARTSUm...what is that?  When we got home from the BBQ, I looked it up.  I discovered that they have beginners classes for aerial. Um, that sounds interesting.  I got to work on Monday and I asked this co-worker of mine, who used to be in the roller derby, if she wanted to join me in a beginners aerial class.  She thought about it and ultimately said YES!  So, last night we went.  It is a 2 hour class and let me tell you, I have some "rope" burn, or "silk fabric" burn.  I am not as sore as I thought I would be, just a bit beat up.  I was nervous at first, just to climb the fabric.  You rub resin on your hand for good grip and then hope not to death claw the fabric and trust your body to hold yourself up.  We started out with regular fabric climbing.  I have never been good at rope climbing.  In fact. in grade school, my gym teacher made me feel so bad for not being able to climb the rope.  I was a bit overweight shall we say in grade school which is hard enough.  Then to add salt to the wound, the gym teacher makes me feel bad for not being able to climb the rope....well, whatever.  So, I climb about half way up and I am out of breath.  We tried that a few times and then did the "kitty in the tree" which requires being upside down and once we "mastered" that, we went to the "hammock".  This is the hammock:
That is NOT, me, I got this image of the Internet, but this is what we did.  And I did not look as graceful.  After that, the instructor asked us to try the fabric climbing one more time as we had spend a bit more time with the fabric and maybe we might feel more comfortable.  So I did.  I got on the fabric and I climbed all the way to the ceiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could not believe it!  It was an accomplishment for me.  It is true what people say, it is mostly legs that get you up there.  But before your legs can do the work, your mind has to believe it.  It might sound silly that I am excited about climbing this fabric, but hey, I was a new experience for me and I am not that comfortable with heights.  I am sure I will go back again, I'd like to learn some other moves.  It was such a nice change to the same old thing.  When I get back to training for ultra's again, I will be glad that I tried new things while I had the time. 


Rooster said...

That is so awesome! I love how you jump into new adventures. I can completely relate to the need to stay engaged, busy or doing. I don't relax well, bored in minutes. Bill jokes, "there's no beach sitting in our future". When I am burnt out it relaxing always seems like a great ides. However, in about 4 days I am done! Keep exploring.


Olga said...

Ladies, you are rocking my words out of my mouth! I, too, find exercise relaxing. When I got exhausted last Wed (9M track workout at 5am, ran home at 4pm in 105F, had Bikram at 7pm, almost collapsed there), Larry said I need a break. I was, like, hell, not from THAT! And yes, I also love organizing, donating, decluttering and such (but not cleaning and dusting so much, that's my DH's job). Allison, keep on going! It'll help you to turn back to running when your body is ready. That fabric roping looks scary!