Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Daze

It's finally summer here in the PNW!  We have temperatures above 65* finally and sunshine!  I am ready for summer adventures, there are so many things I want to do this summer.  I want to circumnavigate Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainer, just to name a few.  It's just 2 weeks post Big Horn and although I don't feel like "training" I do feel motivated to get out an enjoy what the PNW has to offer.  Summer is just a few month long here and we have gotten off to a slow start and snow levels are still quite low. 
Last weekend a few of us went to Granite Mt.  It's just an 8 mile out round trip "hike" and sounded just up my alley.  I haven't really run much since Big Horn but I have been back to Seattle Boxing Studio and am loving it.  I love these workouts, they are different and fun and I sweat like no one's business.  Sweating like that makes me feel accomplished, like I've done something.  I like to start the day off like that, it keeps the pace up to get stuff done while at work.  Anyway. . . as I laced up my running shoes getting ready for Granite Mt, some dusty dirt flaked off my shoe laces, reminisce of Big Horn.  Even though I spend like 45 minutes cleaning those shoes after BH, it's impossible to get it all really.  The dusty dirt was a gentle reminder to take it easy.  Life can become such a whirlwind sometimes with working, spending time with friends and loved ones, training, resting, reading, chores, etc.  Big Horn was a different kind of "vacation" and it is not time to take the pressure off and enjoy spending the day outside.
Well, what a day it was!  it was sunny and warm.  The dogs had a blast, there was lots of snow at the top for the dogs to roll in and chase snowballs.  We got up to the top, lounged around and then slipped and slided down the snow and once past the snow, Owen and I gently ran down to the car.  It was a perfect day really.  The next adventure is scheduled for next week and that is to circumnavigate Mt. St. Helens!
Yikes!  Lots of snow!
Great View of Rainer!

Self portrait

The dogs give Michelle their undivided attention for COOKIES!

Running downhill on soft snow=one of life's greatest pleasures

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olga said...

I hear you on sweating and feeling accomplished. I know a handful of folks who hate being all swety, and claim it's a reason they don't exercise. Especially in TX:)
Mountains are best!