Monday, May 16, 2011

If you fly a kite, you'll always look up

Things are looking and shaping up these days.  Owen is back on the trails 6 weeks post surgery!  We ran a few hours each weekend day last weekend and then hit Tiger Mt for some 12 summits this past Saturday. 

We look like chipmunks

We are really happy for A view
12 summits is a hard run, and it's not that exciting either.  It's all about the company.  It was a great company day- Owen, Sara Malcolm and Steve Stoyles.  (photo courtesy of the latter 2 mentioned)  I slept terribly the night before and was wondering how this 12 summits would go compared to the one I did 4 weeks ago....I was really hoping it was not going to be a suffer-fest.  As it turned out, it went really well.  Owen ran great, my leg was significantly less of a factor, the company was awesome and to add icing to the cake, the sun came out and it did not rain once while we were on the trails. 
We hardly got that muddy and for being on Tiger...that is saying something.  We were like an hour faster than last time, but in all fairness, we weren't running through any snow like last time.  Once we got to East Summit, summit #4, we saw Justine Angle.  He ran with us for a bit until he took a different trail than us.  He is so fast but he still hung out and ran and chatted with us.  We would be running side by side and then a hill would come and I would just hope he was doing the talking otherwise I would be so winded.  But when the hills got to be time for me to walk, he stopped and walked too.  What it would be like to be an elite athlete that runs up the hills!?

Sara's husband Luke met us at the turn around with salty snacks and AB&J's.  There were plenty of water and coke to go around as well.  He ran and out an back so was able to joing us for a few hours which was nice.  Once we finished, we had my special almond butter brownies to celebrate Steve's birthday.

I'm really happy for Owen that he is able run and gain confidence on the trails as we head into Big Horn 100 next month.  I am feeling more optimistic as well.  I've been going to acupuncure for 6 weeks and I started a yoga class last week that complimented the acupuncure, I believe. Last Saturday I ran 3-1/2 hours with leg pain about 80% of the time, range 3-8 on the scale.  I went to this yoga class on Sunday specifically for runners and recovery and then hit the trails for another 3-1/2 hours and I had leg pain only 20% of time time.  Wow!  What a difference it makes mentally to not be in pain a lot of the time, it was actually WAY MORE FUN!  12 summits was much better as well.  I am keeping up with the stretches on a daily basis and continuing acupunture.  Who knew..?  It seems like I tried everything without too much long standing success.  I don't think I'm totally in the clear, but I might be on to something.  It really is amazing how my outlook is more optimistic about Big Horn and running in general now that I am finding a groove again with running without continual pain.  I hope it lasts....


Rooster said...

So glad your leg is feeling better and the options are working. Good luck at Bighorn. I will be rooting for a great adventure for you.

olga said...

Steve S. is always up for Tiger mt, isn't he:) I am still to claim my wager's win!

Sara said...

Finally reading this. That was such a fun run. Still can't believe the weather! Yayyyy for the leg improving!!!!!