Monday, January 31, 2011

The Section Line Burn

See where I'm pointing? See the redness around the bum? That is where it hurts. My bum is an achy sack from the stroll up section line on Tiger Mt. yesterday. I guess it's been awhile since I've climbed up a big steep hill. But I was lucky enough to run into Eric Barnes, Steve Stoyles and Sara Malcom at the top so I caught my breath and chatted with them. Orcas 50k will be a challenge for me......I am really looking forward to it.

Who thinks this picture, below is real? Is it possible that it is real? It's so funny.


Rooster said...

LOL! Love both pics. Nice run and glad you got a butt ache. It's always nice to know your hard work produced something. Have fun at Orca's!

olga said...

I agree, I am always looking forward getting some pain, and if I didn't - dissapointed. Say hi to Eric and Steve next time for me, please!

Sara said...

I had the burn in my butt and calves. That Powerline trail at Orcas made me feel like I haven't been training at all! Ugh! :)