Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Attitude

Ok, it's started. I'm so happy about it. I am usually not one to make New Year's Resolutions and really, a new attitude is not a New Year's Resolution, however, it is an intention that I've made and it happens to be January. Taking advise and ideas from people that I find inspirational has lead me to introducing such tactics and attitudes in my life, or maybe just making them a bigger presence in my life. Also, I've just spent several evenings watching Bud Greenspan's Olympic movies. The special on the Universal Sports channel titled "9 Nights of Glory" has been so interesting. Bud Greenspan made lots films about the Olympics and focused in on certain sports and athletes. I found it fascinating, inspiring, humbling, educational and motivating. There is just so much emotion in sports and not just coming from the athletes, but also the fans. To see someone cry on the medal stand or watch the medal stand feeling defeat is a real slice of life. Victory and defeat can cause intense emotion. These Olympic athlete's spend their whole lives preparing for high level competition and when it goes sour, it's devastating to watch, when it goes well, it's fantastic and surreal to watch the emotion of these athletes, it must be the biggest or at least one of the biggest moments in their life.
As the saying goes, victory is sweetest when you've known defeat. Bud Greenspan captured a lot of that in his films. There was the Dan Jansen story; and the Zola Budd/Mary Decker story, and many other stories of real people who are outstanding sportsman and graceful in their victories and their defeats. Of course, I am just a recreational athlete. I am in awe of these Olympic athletes. I have never been that talented in that arena, nor will I ever be. But what I can strive for is the essence of these athletes in terms of courage and grace. The last Bud Greenspan film I watched had a piece on the Irish track and field runner Eamonn Coghlan, I wish I could produce the link to his interview on the film, but basically it said----show up. Showing up and giving it your all is the only thing you can do-it all aspects of life. Of course he worded it differently and much more eloquent, but his message hit me where it counts.
Anyway.....that's some food for thought.
Beside that. . . I have recently started doing some work for REI. It's been fun. They are starting to use videos on their website in addition to photos. They wanted to do an short video in running in minimalist shoes. For the past 6-9 months, I've been running in the Nike Free's for most all my road runs. I will say, that for a person who once relied on orthodics, the switch to not using orthodics and then to Nike Free's was interesting. I can really see where the leg length discrepancy effects my running gait. I started wearing the shoes and also started pilates and with these 2 additions, my running style has changed a bit. I feel more aware of my muscles, which ones I am using and over-using and then also, which muscles I am not using and should be. Anyway, the experience working for REI had been fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.
Until then. . . .I keep my rhythm going.

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Sara said...

You're hardly a Debbie Downer! I was definitely in a funk myself towards the end of 2010. Here's to a year of "showing up"!