Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Does anyone remember the old commercial for Nestle Quik? There was that cartoon rabbit and he loved Nestle Quik so much that he could NOT drink it slow, no matter how much he tried. There was the whole jingle about it and then he would say, "patience is a virtue". For some reason that has always stuck in my head. I wish it didn't; it's like having a stupid song stuck in your head all day but this is my whole life I'm talking about here....
Anyway, let me get to the point!
So, I'm so excited about running this year, more excited than I have been in a long time. I have a schedule picked out for the most part, assuming I get into those races, a new training plan, a new outlook even a new play list on my ipod. So Bridle Trails comes and I was so excited about it. I've never done it, it's a race in the dark, it's a fun run with lots of familiar faces, etc. My running is going great....yada yada yada. Just less than a week from the race, I slip and I tweak my adductor. I think....well, it'll be fine by Bridle Trails. I try to run on Monday, it hurts but I still get in a decent 70 minute run. Tuesday rolls by and I can't really run without pain so I make it a short run. Wednesday- it's worse, Thursday- I don't run, Friday- I can't run, it's baaaaaad. Saturday, I volunteer. Don't get me wrong, I like volunteering at races, it's always good to give back to a sport that gives me so much. Plus I wanted to support my friend Jeanine who was running in her first trail race and to support Owen and see my friends. So, it was not a bad experience, in fact, it was great. Just not the one I had been expecting. So, as I heal up and keep up some rhythm before Orcas, I am just left feeling like this is year is starting out like last year and it seems like there is always something preventing me from going for it and frankly, I'm a little frustrated where running is concerned. So, I keep thinking about the Quik rabbit and remind myself that patience IS a virtue and while I am working on that virtue, I might as well work on some of the others as well. It's only January 18, so I have time to heal and get strong and get back into it. I've promised myself I won't worry, but I secretly do, don't tell anyone.

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Rooster said...

I had forgotten that commercial but seems like that stupid rabbit knows a thing or two. So sorry about the injury but it's early and if you can hold off and let it heal you will be golden. Much easier said than done. Keep up the patience and I hope you heal fast. Keep writing. :) I like reading.