Thursday, July 24, 2008

37 hours to go

Well, in 48 hours, I'll probably be still running WR50. Having never run this far before, my mind has been going a little nuts. At times, I want to jump up and declare, "I'm Ready Now! Let's Get Started!" Then I think, "I am soooo relieved that I have a few more days before I do this..." Sometimes, I try to take a nap and I can't because my mind is going round and round with the things I need to do before I leave tomorrow, what the race with be like, how I will handle myself when I am feeling fatigued, etc. The mental preparation is harder than the physical preparation in some ways. Although there is an element of both in every step of training. But after reading a very funny posting by Kendra, I realize I am not alone!
So what have I been doing to keep myself relaxed? Well, my family has been here and we've been having fun doing a little of this and a little of that. We all went to the Sculpture Park and on our way, we passed Sushi Wave. My family's sense of humor is such that when they saw this sign, they all faced the restaurant and did the 'wave' as you might expect at a baseball game. Then they just stood in front of the sign and waved...

They have been a great distraction and great support.

Also, there were 3 birthday's in the month of July between all of us and so we went to Piecora's for pizza, beer and a birthday song with spumoni. Yum. It was a short visit with my brother and his family, but sweet. My brother is now training for a qualifying Boston Marathon time. Hopefully, we can go together in 2009, or was it 2010? At any rate, we will do it together. It was with him that I did my first marathon, and that was in 2007. After that, I caught the running bug and here I am headed to do WR50....WooHoo!

I'm wishing Struth could come with me to WR50, but it won't work out that way....although he'll be in GREAT hands with one of his favorite canine buddies, I will miss him. But I will remember him on the trail with me! (G. Tachiyama photo!)

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gtach said...

okay, now i see where you inherited your goofiness from! haha! : )

struthie will be missed, but he told me that he's kind of looking forward to a break from running so that he'll have tons of energy to spend with (one of) his gf. the s.t.u.d!

great job surviving the tapering! less than 24 hrs now......