Friday, April 20, 2012

Reeling it in, at least trying to...

Umstead 100 was just about 3 weeks ago and recovery is slow going.  My diet is pretty much back to normal and my desire to return to my regular workout routine is there, but my legs are not.  I should say, my one leg is not.  I feel like Homer when I am running.
I've made some pretty dumb mistakes though during recovery so I have only myself to blame and more lessons to learn.  First big mistake was returning to my 5AM class 1 week after a 100M.  I specifically took it easy and hardly used any weight.  By Wednesday I was so sore I could barely walk, again.  So I took Thursday and Friday off from the class and did a short and pitiful run followed by a recovery swim.  Then on the weekend I did an easy run and some yoga.  I returned to my class, for the 2nd time, this week and was again conservative with the weights and I did indeed feel better and had a bit more pep.  But my running is still pitiful.  My right leg, the bum one, needs babying.  I can't make it on the 4 mile "dog jog" with Struth without stopping about every mile.  Usually I let Struth stop as much as he wants for the first 2 miles and then the last 2 miles we get into a steady groove.  But I am finding myself hoping he needs to make a pit stop for #1 or #2 so I can stop.  Oh boy.
I had a massage by the fabulous Leah on Wednesday and that felt awesome.  She said things were feeling good so I thought I was over the hump.  Yesterday, Thursday, I went to my 5AM class and found I was a weakling!  Before Umstead I was able to clean/jerk way more weight.  Now I can barely do much more than just the bar.  I was so pathetic that I could barely box jump too!  I could not get up on the box 2x during the workout and hit my shin in the same place each time.
This was just yesterday and today it looks even more rowdy.  Then, if I could be even more dumb, I met my friend at the trails for a 10 miler with Struth that same evening as the clean/jerk and box jump workout.  I was so pathetic!  I had a blast with Struth, but I could not even keep up with my friend so I let him go and Struth and I took it easy.  This morning I went swimming again.  Hoping for some trail running this weekend since it is supposed to be sunny and warm.  We'll see.
I am sure it'll come back but it seems like it's just taking a bit of time.  I was thinking this morning that as I was nearing the end of the training for Umstead and getting ready to taper off, I felt so ready to take it a bit easier.  I was feeling so tired from the training and perhaps getting a bit burned out.  The race went well and I was taking it easy and sleeping, hanging out with friends, eating ice cream and pizza, etc.  Then I felt ready to return to training and now that I am feeling a bit limited I realize how much I love to train (or am addicted to endorphins) and miss it.  That's a good thing and a good sign, so I'll take it.
In the meantime, Struth and I will take it easy on our runs.
Struth says.... take it easy, you are not spring chicken anymore!


Olga King said...

Hey, no-spring-chicken, that bump looks ugly!!! I think you are not grown up yet!
On a serious note, you did a great race, and you've been out of such efforts for a bit, so may be body says" please appreciate me and let me be...
And trust me, I know all about recovering as getting old, and after a long lay off:)
But in a meantime, go jerk some more weight anyway!

Rooster said...

That leg looks ouchy! Recovery is so hard to manage when you love to work out. Get rested! You did just kill a 100 M race.