Friday, November 4, 2011

Time, where does it go?

It seems like just yesterday it was the Pacific Northwest's version of summer.  I went for a run after work last night in the dark, wet, cold.  As I was getting pummeled by wind and rain I thought, 'wow, it's November!' And you know what that means.....HOLIDAY PARTIES and HOLIDAY TREATS and a giant tendency for me to feel better about being lazy, every one is doing it!

Me, in a dog body
Me, in a dog body, showing no willpower
It's rough adjusting to the weather change and darkness.  However, if I keep in mind that I never feel worse after a run , I am confident that will keep me motivated.  My motivation has not waned for the 5 AM class. In fact, it has only grown.  It certainly is not easy getting up that early and working out pretty hard then going to work.  It's not so hard to go to work after as it is to be a bit sleepy and then shock my body by jacking up my heart rate at 5AM.  But it's been good for me as it is so different from what I am used to.  As the old expression goes, train your weaknesses.  I am not sure how jumping out of bed and soon after, without coffee, jacking my heart rate up is going to help me, but the actual workouts will, whatever time they take place.  I have never done a strength training program before and now that I am almost done with the first 3 weeks, I am really seeing improvements.  I have forgotten how motivating it is to see improvements, I don't see that in my running.  I am quite sure that is why I continue to get up before the birds to do it. 

This is my instructor!
I think the overall strength I am gaining is helping me in everything I do.  I just feel an overall sense of balance and strength that I haven't felt before.  Even though I have been doing these classes since mid-July, I think it has been recent that I really feel the changes and am able to apply them to functional movement.  Keeping that in mind, I bet it will help with the running....In fact, just the other day I was running and I was thinking, what muscle is that I am feeling?  That feels foreign. Turns out, I DO have a hamstring, in fact, I have 2.  Then the other day I woke up and I though, um, what muscle is that that feels kinda sore?  Turns out, I WAS using my glutes.  These are muscles that I think I have neglected for so long and they went away.  Wouldn't you, if someone ignored you for centuries?  Well, I have convinced the hamstrings and the glutes to come out of hiding and come get reunited with their former mates.  The quads were very happy to see them again.  Now the quads have decided to go on a 3 day weekend and leave the housework to the the hamstrings and glutes.  Soon they will all be reunited, working together and we'll have a party. 

Also in the class, from the instructor you see just above, I have learned several expressions.  He oftern shouts, "HEY, NO CADILLACIN!"  I didn't know what this meant at first.  Now I know it means stop being a slow poke, move your butt.  Then I learned what it meant to "get yoked." I have no intentions of "getting yoked", but I do like saying it.  I have learned how to do a "clean" and "jerk".  I can understand why they call it a "clean", but why a "jerk?"  I'll have to google that at some point. 


Olga said...

I found my hamstrings last Thursday too! It was like, whoa, they are alive!

Rooster said...

The bike woke up my hamstrings and they are still sore :)

Way to get up and get going, sheesh! I admire that. I get up early but I mosey around for 30 minutes. I think I might puke. Great job Girl. Now I am inspired to hit the weight room more.