Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things I have in common with my dog Struth

People always say that dogs and their "people" look alike.  I'd say that is true for Struth and me, even if he is a boy.  We also have a lot in common.  Here they are:
  •     Struth and I wear the same colors!  We love black, grey, white either separately or all combos of these colors!
  •    Struth and I both have small feet for our size.  He looks like a burly dude, but he has dainty little feet.  I have the same size feet as my mother who is 5 inches shorter than me!
  •    Struth and I both get very excited for cookies.  Our favorite is Peanut Butter. 
  •    Struth and I both learned to swim at an early age and still LOVE to swim.
  •    We both like to get up and eat, we burn calories sleeping.
  •    We LOVE taking naps on the back porch in the sun. 
  •    Often, we think we have more energy than we actually do.....we do too much in one day
  •    We both make noises in our sleep.  Last night Struth was chasing squirrels in his sleep for like 20 minutes, no wonder he woke up hungry.
  •    Struth and I will both be marking the course at CCC100.  Because he does not have opposable thumbs, I will tie the markers to the trees.  We both will eat treats along the way.
  •   Struth and I are both quite fond of Ella and Owen, (Owen not pictured)


  •   Struth and I both LOVE running, especially on the trails.

Speaking of that...running in general and on the trails....I am totally missing it!  WE are totally missing it.  Yesterday after boxing I decided to test the old leg by running the 4 mile loop.  I was already warmed up from boxing so I thought I'd see how things were going after cutting back severely on miles.  By the 2nd mile, I felt so good that I decided to tack on a mile and do the 5 mile loop.  Usually Struth is dragging a bit here, but he was right up there at my side.  We were both grinning.  We completed the 5 mile loop with only 1 stop to stretch.  That is a good indication that things are progressing!  (albeit slowly)  I was hoping for no stops, but really, I've only been "resting" from running for a few weeks.  I managed to beat my index finger knuckles raw yesterday in boxing....I have had to wrap them up for work.  I have little finger condoms on, which fits right in here where I work at the STD Clinic!


Olga said...

You beat your finger raw?? That's a real workout, lady! Holly crapola!

Sara said...

Your finger condom is HOT! Always practice safe typing!