Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things I got at Miwok

Besides running a well organised and fabulous 100K course, there are other things I took away from Miwok. Of course there was the cool shirt, (not pictured), which will come in handy if the weather every warms up, it's like May-vember here in Seattle. Included in the swag bag was a local brewed Miwok Beer with pint glass, a very spacious grocery/after running/misc bag;
a running hat;
and a copy of the latest issue of UltraRunning magazine featuring an article on trail running with dogs and one of the featured dogs is none other than Struth! He is Struthie the Ultra Dog, having run lots of 50k's with me and other long training runs. My faithful companion.

What WASN'T in the swag bag, but which I did acquire is a lovely case of poison oak which has been keeping me up at night and generally making me pretty uncomfortable.

However, after I drink this Miwok beer, maybe I'll feel better....


Hallie said...

great pics alm!! struthie looks like he's saying, 'hey baby'. your poison oak looks painful - don't itch!

Jess Mullen said...

You crack me up :)
I like the picture story. Have you tried the tank top on yet? It's ok. I am having a hard time concentrating on writing right now because Lucky (my inlaws' dog) is having a fart-y party next to me and it stinks! Ok, got to get some fresh air. jess