Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009. I remember reading science fiction books that took place in the 21st century and it's hard to believe that we live in that very same century. Things seemed so bleak as told by the authors. A world with unnecessary gadgets that took place of what humans could do and should do themselves. A world where there wasn't much human interaction because of curfews or deadly air. Or perhaps a world of interaction between humans and extraterrestrials. With exception to the last projection, all these ideas seem so pessimistic. In all honesty, it can be a little too easy to be pessimistic. The world seems so complicated sometimes. There is a depressed economy, people are losing their jobs, their lives to war, people continue to find ways to make money off other people with no regard as to how that may effect them, (damn credit card companies, mortgage lenders...!). Torture done to people and animals, the environment. Shall I go on....NO!
Since I was stuck here in Seattle for the holidays because of the weather, I decided that whatever happened during the days I was here and not visiting my family, I would pay close attention to. I thought maybe I would hear something, see something, experience something that would have a profound effect on me. It seemed my fate to go see my family was redirected and so what was that meant to bring me?
Well, you know what happened? I had a really good time. I listened to radio programs while I baked cookies and breads and cakes, I cooked, I spent time reading and laying around with Struth, I went to movies, I walked in the snow, I spent time with friends, I made some art. These things I did in addition to running the usual miles. I had time to do the things that I don't usually prioritise to that degree. As I looked back on those days, I thought...did anything stand out? Was there something that happened or didn't happen that was suppose to direct me somewhere? Hell no. What happened is that I had more time to do more of the I like to do and still get some rest in. What does this all mean? It means, in 2009, I'd like to make sure I get in some more of these fun things on a regular basis. In 2009, I don't want to get so tired that my world gets too small and I don't try to new things. I have 360 days to try this out, WooHoo! I did miss my family though....

In the meantime, here's a link to the snow-magedon in Seattle.

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