Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, there is not much I can add to all the commentary in the papers and on the radio. But in my own words, I am so excited that we have a elected a president that can speak in complete sentences and so eloquently. In all seriousness, and not to sound cliche, the election of Obama is proof that indeed change is not only possible, but it does happen. The potential of his presidency is huge and I hope that his message of unity is heard so that his leadership can bring us to see brighter days for not just for our own country, but globally. He is only one man, however his leadership skills surpass any that I have seen in a political setting since I have been alive and I find it inspiring. He inspired so many people to vote, which was one of the many things that got him elected and his acceptance speech drives the point home that we all need to work together to make necessary changes. The fact that we have elected him as our next president, (oh why do we have to wait 2-1/2 more months!) is proof that there is hope. For all the people who have never voted before this election and then voted for Obama, what a sense of empowerment and that yes, you can be an advocate for yourself and your future. In the spirit of empowerment, voices are heard and again reminding us that there is hope and change is possible.

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