Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, at least that is how it used to be. Whenever I would take Struth to the vet, he would freak out and not be himself. He was hard to handle and would get notes in his chart that he was "difficult" For all you Seinfeld fans, you know where notes in the chart can lead....
So today was Struth's day to go to the vet and get his vaccines and also get micro chipped. Poor guy. I made the appointment for 10 so that I could get him tired before the appointment. I took him to Genesse Dog Park. There he played with another black and white dog. After that, we headed to the VET....
First off, he got weighed, 52 LBS. I was thinking, Oh, my boy is in such good shape with all the trail running he does. He is a lean mean running machine. Well, much to my dismay, the vet told me he was 6 lbs. overweight! Can you imagine? My dog is over-weight! It is never easy putting an animal on a diet, (humans included), and for those of you who know my dog, it is beyond difficult to cut down on Struthie's food. Then the vet left and said she'd be back in a few. While she was gone, (it seemed awhile), I took some shots of Struth in the exam room. He goes from looking calm and very cute:

to looking a little apprehensive:
But I was there to comfort him!

In the waiting room, there was a picture of a dog which was made up of many tiny pictures of dogs. Have you seen this? I was checking it out up close and it just made me crack up. I think of all the photos I take of Struth and each one seems unique to me and I think, 'oh, he's so cute here', or, 'oh, look how tired he is', or 'how funny he looks wearing my sunglasses', and the list goes on. So it just cracked me up seeing all the little photos of dogs in the same poses that I take of Struth and in the end, we all love our animals and make fusses over them and go on and on about who's cute. Then, the vet returned to the exam room and Struth got hit up with the thermometer, (ouch!), teeth exam, (didn't like that either), and 2 big needles poked between his shoulders. The vet techs who delivered the shots commented on what a champ Struth was during all of that and I think I might have marked down his good behavior in his chart. Then he got lots of treats and pets from the vet techs and of course from me. What a good babe.
As a huge treat, he got to go for a walk with one of his favorite people, Hallie, and her babe Tika. I forgot to take photos then. But after, he then got to romp around the trails of Seward Park with Patty Colleen and EP.

Overall, a good day for him! I'm glad his chart at the vet is not all marked up with bad behavior. He has come a long way since I got him almost 4 years ago. I'm so lucky to have him!


Struthie, the ultra dog! said...

i'm lucky to have you too, mom! thanks for taking care of me!


"may all beings be happy & free (like we!)"

gtach said...

way to behave! good boy, struthie!!! you're no elaine, are you!


Hallie said...

you can't handle the struth - hahahaha. that's funny alm!